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Tackhead Banjos



  • Base Price: $1,050 ($200 Non-refundable deposit)


       All of our Tackhead Banjos include a laminated neck and 11 or 12 inch rim

       of either walnut, oak, cherry, or maple. And for the fretboard we use

       Walnut, oak, Maple, or Rosewood. Each banjo also includes Pegheds

       geared “Violin” tuners, a goatskin or calfskin head, some trim woods and a

       beautiful hand rubbed finish (Danish oil, antique oil, Poly, etc.) All banjos

       now come with a hard case.

  • Inlay and Overlay: $100 or more, call to Inquire.

       Our inlay is done in house and can be done in shell, wood, metal, stone,

       bone, and more. For all inlay you must call to inquire about the price. the

       more intricate designs, or valuable materials cost more to produce.

  • Ebony Fretboard: $50

       Ebony fretboards add stunning contrast to the look of inlay,

       and strengthen the overall integrity of the neck.


  • Certain aged finishes on wood or hardware: $100+

       With some woods and most metals we have the abillity to age them in

       many different ways, adding a unique, natural look to your banjo.

  • Other specialty woods and materials: Call to inquire

        Specialty woods include exotic hardwoods, figured/flamed woods,

        birdseye, burls, and ambrosia woods.

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