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Banjo #002- The Rusty Poppies

Rusty Poppy Banjo (14002)
blackberry banjo #1 - Heel
blackberry banjo #1 Rusty Metal
blackberry banjo #1- Back
Blackberry banjo #1- top down
(2) Blackberry Banjo #1-headstock
(2) blackberry banjo #1- Pot
(2) blackberry banjo #1 tuners
blackberry banjo #1-Poppy
Blackberry Banjo #1-Inlay


This specialty made banjo is made from a single log of Slovakian Mountain Ash harvested from the customer's wife's yard where she grew up. The tree was chopped down ten years prior to its construction and was stored on their property to cure. Because of the Slovakian origins of the wood, we designed a poppy flower inlay of brass and padauk, and rusty steel overlay made from her father's workshop flooring. The hardware all originally nickel was stripped of it's nickel plating and the raw steel and brass have been left to age over time.


     Mountain Ash, Mahogany 


     Steel hooks, shoes, and tension nuts


     Brass 5 star (stripped nickel)

     Tone Ring:                                   

     Rolled Brass


     Remo Fiberskyn 


     26 in. G-scale

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