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Banjo #013- The Poplar Leaves

Leaves Banjo Full Front2
Leaves Banjo fretboard
Leaves Banjo Front
Leaves Banjo Full Back
Leaves Banjo Dowel and Pickup
Leaves Banjo heel Back1
Leaves Banjo heel and pickup
Leaves Banjo Heel detail 1
Leaves Banjo Heel Detail
Leaves Banjo heel
Leaves Banjo Inlay detail1
Leaves Banjo Inlay detail2
Leaves Banjo Inlay detail3
Leaves Banjo Inlay
Leaves Banjo Neck Front
Leaves Banjo Peghead
Leaves Banjo peghead layers
Leaves Banjo peghead back
Leaves Banjo Pot Back
Leaves Banjo Neck Back Detail
Leaves Banjo Pot detail
Leaves Banjo Rim Detail


This Banjo boasts a 12 inch rock maple pot, birdseye maple neck, and beautifully figured Patagonia Rosewood fretboard.  The detailed brass work from the aged brass hardware to the tree cutout on the peghead overlay make this banjo one of a kind. The inlay on this banjo is inspired by the leaf of the Tulip Poplar tree, and the logo of the customer's band. The Mallee Burl branches sway in rhythm with the grain of the rosewood feetboard, and the fall leaves teeter on the brink of winter. A first for Blackberry Banjo Co., this banjo comes with a Kavanjo pickup. With a Romero-style dowel and geometric inlay strip set into the rim, this banjo is a beauty from peghead to tailpiece.  



Birdseye Maple Neck, Rock Maple Pot, Patagonia Rosewood Fingerboard, Tonering, Peghead back, Rim cap, and heel cap, Osage Orange, Yellowheart, blood wood, and Australian Mallee Burl Inlay, and Gabon Ebony Binding


Aged Brass from Balsam Banjo Works 


Gotoh Raw Brass and Gold-X 5th String Tuner

Tone Ring:                                   

Rolled Brass on Top of Integral Rosewood Tonering


Renaissance with Kavanjo Pickup Installed


26 in. G-scale

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