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Banjo #011- The Fox 2


This is the second iteration of the beautiful curly Claro-Walnut Fox banjo. The combination of Claro walnut and Ebony makes for a stunning look and mellow tone which is easily projected by its 12 inch pot. The two-tone macassar ebony fretboard and peghead help this banjo to stand out among it's peers. The Fox inlay is composed of Bloodwood, Black Walnut, and Ivoroid, and the moon and stars are made of Ivoroid. This banjo's look is rounded out with a Romero-style Walnut dowel stick and ebony rim cap..


     Curly Claro Walnut, Black Walnut, and Gabon Ebony  


     Aged Raw Brass


     Gotoh Aged Raw brass and Gold X tuners

     Tone Ring:                                   

     Rolled Brass


     John Balch goatskin head


     26 in. G-scale