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Banjo #015- The Fly Fisher


This unique custom banjo with highly detailed inlay and on-lay is made of Walnut, Ebony, Lacewood and Brass. The inlaid/on-laid scene of a fly fisherman and his brown trout catch is made of Lacewood, Walnut, Holly, Ebony, Osage Orange, Buckthorn, Brass wire, and Brass plate. The extra long backstrap not only helps reinforce the strength of the walnut neck, but adds a very classic beauty to the instrument as a whole. The custom-made arm rest is inlaid with a tied fly made of Holly, Ebony, and Yellowheart


Black Walnut Neck, Macassar Ebony fretboard with Lacewood binding, Macassar Ebony and Maple backstrap, and Macassar Ebony Peghead,  Walnut rim with Patagonia Rosewood Tone ring and Lacewood Rim cap, and decorative banded inlay. 


Patinated Brass


Gotoh Raw Brass and Gold-X 5th String Tuners.

Tone Ring:                                   

Rolled brass on top of an integral Patagonia Rosewood tonering.


Dyed goatskin head


26 in. G-scale