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Banjo #016- The Moonshine Banjo

Moonshine Banjo
Moonshine Banjo Wheat
Moonshine Banjo Volute
Moonshine banjo tailpiece 2
Moonshine Banjo shy
Moonshine banjo Shadow
Moonshine Banjo Scoop
Moonshine banjo Pot
Moonshine Banjo Neck
Moonshine Banjo Moonshine Jug
Moonshine Banjo Tailpiece
Moonshine Banjo Head
Moonshine Banjo Full Backside
Moonshine Banjo Hardware
Moonshine Banjo Fretboard
Moonshine Banjo down neck
Moonshine Banjo Dowel
Moonshine Banjo detail
Moonshine banjo Corn
Moonshine Banjo 5th String
Moonshine Banjo backside


This beautiful collaboration banjo with Pisgah Banjos' Patrick Heavner is made up of Patrick's 11in Copper spun walnut pot and brass hardware (copper plated and patinated in the Blackberry Banjo Co. workshop), and Black Berry Banjo Co.'s highly figured and marbled Claro Walnut and Bloodwood neck, with a beautifully inlayed Mesquite fretboard, Blood Wood scoop and peghead  and Claro Walnut Romero-style dowel. The obvious beauty of this instrument from the figured wood and patinated hardware, to the painstakingly inlayed Peony Blossoms is evident at first glance, but the true beauty of the instrument comes with the first note. The heavy copper pot and walnut neck create a loud but beautifully mellow tone. The goatskin head helps to warm up the banjos sound. It sounds great with both steel strings and Nylgut strings, and has not trouble being heard.



Claro Walnut and Bloodwood Neck, Mesquite Fretboard with Bloodwood, Yellow Heart, and Poplar Peony Inlay, Copper-Clad Walnut Rim, Bloodwood Peghead and Scoop, Patagonia Rosewood Binding on Fretboard and Peghead. 


Patinated and Copper plated Brass from Balsam Banjo Works 


Gotoh Raw Brass and Gold-X 5th String Tuner

Tone Ring:                                   

Dobson Tonering


Dyed goatskin head


25.5 in. G or A-scale

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