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Banjo #012- The Cala Lilly


Made from primarily Black Walnut and Honduran Rosewood, this banjo has a strikingly loud yet gentle tone. The detail that perhaps stands out most, however, is the Cala Lilly Inlay up the fretboard. Made from Gabon Ebony and Yellow heart, this inlay simultaneously is highly visible, yet blends seamlessly into the design of the banjo. The yellow heart's chatoyance and color reflect the color and shine of brass hardware, and that of the Brass Dobson tonering glowing through the goatskin head. With a Romero-style dowel rounding out the look, it's beauty is definitely in the details.  


     Black Walnut, Honduran Rosewood, Mahogany, Yellowheart, Macassar          Ebony, and Gabon Ebony  


     Raw Brass from Balsam Banjo Works 


     Pegheds-Brand Geared Violin-Style Pegs

     Tone Ring:                                   



     Dyed Spotted Goatskin


     20 in. C-scale